St Mark Parish

415 Main Street, Iowa Falls, IA

St. Mary Parish

614 Washington, Eldora, IA 641.939.5545


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Welcome to our Cluster!  Want to know more?  Read our bulletin!...


Here is our list of Lenten Activities, join us when you can!


Want to warm up your relationship during these cold days? Join us for Date Night!


You can read Hampton and Ackley's bulletin here


Important Parish information, read about it here:  Archbishop's letter




Let us break bread together on our knees.



Sun     St. Patrick  (8:00am)
            St. Mark  (10:30am)

Mon    No Mass

Tues   St. Mark (Iowa Falls) (5:30pm)

Wed    St. Patrick (Hampton) (8:30am)

Thu     St. Mary (Eldora) (8:30am) 

Fri       St. Mary (Ackley) (8:30am)

Sat      St. Mary (Ackley) (4:00pm)
            St. Mary (Eldora) (6:30pm)

*Mass times subject to change. Please see
Inclement Weather Policy during severe

Please check the bulletin and information
provided on this page for current weekly









St. Mark  
8:00am-5:00pm daily


St. Mary

8:00am-5:00pm daily


Due to security concerns, the hours for the Blessed Sacrament Chapel at both parishes will be limited and the Chapel entrances will be locked overnight. We hope everyone understands the need for this policy.

Cluster Events for
Mar 25 
- Apr 2

Saturday 3/25
- Bowling @ Heritage Care Ctr

- St. Mark Thrift Store
  (10:00am - 4:00pm)
- Mass @ St. Mary(A) (4:00pm)
- Mass @ St. Mary(E) (6:30pm)

Sunday 3/26
- Mass @ St. Patrick (8:00am)
- Mass @ St. Mark
- Spanish Mass @ St. Patrick

- Date Night @ St. Mark
  (5:30 - 7:30pm)  

Monday 3/27
- No Mass

Tuesday 3/28
- Stations of the Cross
  @ St. Mark (5:00pm)
- Mass @ St. Mark (5:30pm)
- Soup Supper @ St. Mark
- Linkage Liturgy Meeting
  @ St. Mark (6:30pm)

Wednesday 3/29
- Mass @ St. Patrick (8:30am(
- RE @ St. Mark (6:15 - 7:30pm)
- RE @ St. Mary(E) (6:15 - 7:30pm)
- Youth Led Stations of the Cross
  @ St, Mark (7:00pm)

Thursday 3/30
- Mass @ St. Mary(E) (8:30am)
- Stations of the Cross
  @ St. Mark(E) (6:30pm)
- Liturgy of the Hours
  @ St. Mary(E) (6:50pm)

Friday 3/31
- Mass @ St. Mary(A) (8:30am)
- Fish Fry @ St. Mary(E)
  (5:00 - 7:00pm)

Saturday 4/1
- Mass @ St. Mary(A) (4:00pm)
- Mass @ St. Mary(E) (6:30pm)
  (Youth Led Ministry during Mass)

Sunday 4/2
- Mass @ St. Patrick (8:00am)
- Mass @ St. Mark
  (Youth Led Ministry during Mass)
- Communal Reconciliation
  @ St. Mark (1:30pm)
- Spanish Mass @ St. Patrick

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